Parenting Classes


Comprehensive Parenting

The Comprehensive Parenting Classes are held once a week, for 3 hours each session. This course is 12 weeks long. The course covers all aspects of parenting and co-parenting from pre-natal care to separating with adult children. The instructor will spend the first 2 hours of each class discussing proven methods for positive parenting. The final hour will be spent in group discussion concerning the participants’ specific parenting interests. If the parent is court-ordered to attend a parenting class, a letter will be provided to describe the course content, and the parent’s participation.



The co-parenting class focuses on children of divorce. Skills are developed to help children through family change, and to help parents work together even though they are apart. This course is 4 hours long. A certificate is provided to participants.


Adoptive Parent Training Training

The Adoptive Parent Training must be completed before a Home Study can be approved. Wishing Well offers this training individually to families during the Home Study process.