Adoption Services

Wishing Well values how important it is for you to choose the right adoption agency.

We happily offer the initial consultation without charge.

Wishing Well provides the following adoption services:

Home Studies

The Home Study is a detailed assessment of a home and family. It includes interviews, observations, and document reviews. The home study is required to approve an adoptive home, and sometimes a family placement. A written report with photos is produced. Depending on availability for interviews, completion of documentation, and background check results, the Home Study can take 2 to 3 months to complete.

Post-Placement Supervision

The state of Virginia requires, with few exceptions, that any child who has been placed for adoption has a 6 month waiting period before the adoption can be finalized. During the 6 month period, the child must be visited by a child placing agent to determine the child’s adjustment. There are 3 mandatory visits during the 6 moth time period. A report is generated as to the well-being of the child during that time, and presented to the judge who will preside over the adoption.

Birth Family Counseling

When a Birth Mother or Family makes the choice to offer a child for adoption and contacts Wishing Well, the Executive Director of Wishing Well will meet with the family to discuss the adoption process, as well as their other options. The Executive Director will present home Studies and photos to the family. The Executive Director will be available to discuss each step in the process of adoption as it occurs.

There are no fees to Biological Families.

Note to Birth Mothers from the Founder:
You have my personal guarantee that no matter what your circumstances, you will be treated with respect and compassion at Wishing Well, and the child you give life to will have my personal attention in ensuring they are placed in a safe and loving home.

Adoptive Parent Training

The Adoptive Parent Training must be completed before a Home Study can be approved. Wishing Well offers this training individually to families during the Home Study process.