Family Services

Parenting Coaching

Parenting Coaching can be utilized by any parent having difficulties, large or small. The parent attends a meeting with the coach to explore the situation. The coach observes the family together. A plan is written and follow up meetings are scheduled as needed to evaluate successes and further need for services.

Supervised Visitation

Wishing Well offers supervised visitation to ensure the safety of a child while visiting with a parent. Supervised visitation takes place in the community at an agreed upon location. The supervisor remains with the child throughout the visitation. The supervisor does not transport the child and does not have custody of the child during the visit. Strict adherence to court orders is observed at all times during visits. If the supervision is court ordered, a court report will be produced.

Home Assessment

The Home Assessment is used for custody matters. It consists of one home visit and one written report.

Custody Investigations

The Custody Investigation biographies the 2 families or individuals that are being considered in a custody dispute. The purpose of the Custody Investigation is to provide the judge with impartial documentation, observations and recommendations as to the best interest of the child involved in the custody matter. A report is produced. The Custody Investigation can take 2 to 3 months to complete.