Children’s 3 Basic Needs

by Linda Michie, Executive Director and Founder at Wishing Well Adoption & Family Services

  1. Children need to be safe. Children need to feel safe. This is the #1 non-negotiable aspect of parenting. If your children are not safe, get them somewhere where they can be safe and feel safe. No matter what the cost.
  2. Children need to belong. Children need to feel that someone sees them, hears them, and values them. The hallmark of our existence is that we are recognized by others.
  3. Children need to feel satisfied. Children need to feel that they have value, that they accomplish things worth doing, that they have a purpose. They need joy, and fun, and substance in their lives.

The Supreme Court of Virginia recognizes the 3 Ps of parenting as: Protect, Provide, Prepare.

As parents we have to ask ourselves if we are filling our children’s very basic needs.


All the ballet classes in the world won’t matter if a child is scared at home.
All the money in the world can’t make a child feel truly seen.
All the love in the world won’t be good enough if children don’t feel like they can accomplish something of their own.
Are you staying in a relationship where things get out of hand and can scare your children?
Are you so busy with your own stuff that you can’t really stop what you’re doing and see your child for who they are?
Are you doing your child’s homework or cleaning their room or getting them up in the morning or tying their shoes because it’s easier than teaching them to do it themselves?

Stop it.

Never mind the past. Make change for the future.
Make sure your children’s basic needs are met.

If you need help call (757) 739-2118 and sign up for parenting coaching. You’ll be glad you did.

Linda Michie

Linda Michie

Executive Director and Founder at Wishing Well Adoption & Family Services
Linda Michie holds a Master's degree in Urban Studies, and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Old Dominion University.
Linda has worked in the child welfare field since 1999 and is a Licensed Child Placing Agent.
Wishing Well assists in domestic adoptions in the state of Virginia, and provides parenting coaching, and supervised visitation in Virginia Beach, VA.
Linda Michie

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